Conference Program

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Day 1 - Sunday 20 October, 2019

Registration Opens, Level 2, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

1:00PM - 3:00PM
Communities of Practice.

Community of Practice - Local Government. Meeting Room 203, Level 2

  • To be confirmed

Community of Practice - Project Management Office (PMO). Meeting Room 204, Level 2
Developing PMOs into a profession - vision and strategy.

Join us for a workshop facilitated by Dr Robert Joslin, who will help us to understand the current state of PMOs from a local Australian and international perspectives. This is a unique opportunity to discuss, challenge and help form ideas which can be developed into actionable plans as part of a COP team, and subsequently create your PMO 2025 vision including implementation plans.
1. Understand the current state of PMOs from a local Australian and international perspectives
2. As part of a COP team - create your PMO 2025 vision including implementation plan
3. Opportunity to discuss, challenge and help form ideas which can be developed into actionable plans

  • Dr Robert Joslin, Professor and Head of the Research Advisory Board, SBS Swiss Business School (Switzterland)

3:30PM - 5:30PM

Leading multi-functional teams in today's complex world. Meeting Room 203, Level 2

Do you wish you could get the best from your teams and avoid the usual stress, missed deadlines, cost creepage and frustrating miscommunications? Clear communication is glaringly obvious but painfully absent. In today’s complex world, with increasing digitalisation, remote working practice and the rise of the gig economy, misunderstandings and conflict are increasingly common. In this session we’ll explore team dynamics and discover some simple tools for better understanding, communication and collaboration that are key to negotiating better outcomes and project success.

  • Richard Duncan, Leadership Consultant and International Catalyst for Change

The power of authenticity - The importance of empathy and vulnerability in leadership. Meeting Room 204, Level 2

Do you want the freedom to be yourself at work and the power to bring out the best in those around you? Vulnerability and empathy are building blocks of human connection. Unfortunately, human connection is all too often missing from workplaces.
In this session we’ll explore your ability to be authentic at work and discover how empathy and vulnerability are the keys to your success as a leader.

  • Claire Turner, Leadership Consultant and Executive NLP Coach

6:00PM - 8:00PM
Welcome Reception.

Location: 28 Skybar Lounge, Level 28 Crown Metropol, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006

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Day 2 - Monday 21 October, 2019

Registration Opens, Level 1, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

8.30AM - 9.00AM
Conference Welcome Plenary 1, Ground Floor

8.30AM - 8.40AM
Welcome to Country

8.40AM - 8.50AM
Conference Welcome

  • Michael King FAIPM CPPD, Chair of the AIPM Board.

8:50AM - 9:00AM
Conference Opening Address

  • Vicki Ward MP, , Parliamentary Secretary for Public Transport Infrastructure

9:00AM - 10:00AM
Keynote 1 Plenary 1, Ground Floor
Technology for humanity - Thriving through automation.

As our world increasingly automates, companies need to find a strategy which leads to outcomes which are both profitable, and human focused. In this keynote, Steve addresses how to use technology to deepen the human connection between brands and companies and the people working for them. He puts on display how technology should be used to augment people and not simply replace them. Learn why we need to understand why efficiency and admin is designed for robots and how people can rise above the technology: to be bold, creative, build connections which are sustainable using emerging technology.

10:00AM - 10:30AM
Morning Tea, Level 1

Strategy to Execution Meeting Room 105, Level 1

10:35AM - 11:15AM
Concurrent session 1A
Pushing the limits - being outside of your comfort zone.

Can pushing the limits of your understanding of project management double the impact you and your peers are currently having in the organization? What does it mean in terms of working outside your typical comfort zone and what are the implications for you and your project and PMO teams?

Find out more about how to build an environment that encourages pushing the limits and the implications on learning and discovery?

  • Dr Robert Joslin, Professor and Head of the Research Advisory Board, SBS Swiss Business School (Switzterland)

11:20AM - 12:00PM
Concurrent session 2A - Academic Short Talks

i) How effective is PM education and CPD training: Two cases from Australia.
We are aiming to identify current training practices for project managers in the area of project scheduling and examine the impact of current training practices in road infrastructure projects in Queensland.

ii) Portfolio management using dashboard design.
We are looking at and answering key questions about an applicable dashboard that can be used in decision making for strategy development and/or implementation, rather than another software. Our specific focus will be on the kinds of activities portfolio managers and executives can take by using a dashboard for their organisation, how dashboards can support the decision-making process, and the ways that an organisation’s strategy can be managed using this designed dashboard.

iii) Agile: The phenomenon.
This study uses a phenomenological approach examining the extant literature regarding Agile to understand its commonality of experience and nature and the drivers as to why it has been so keenly embraced.

  • Dr Samer Skaik, Senior Lecturer at CQUniversity Melbourne (i)
  • Hamed Sarbazhosseini, Assistant Professor in Information Systems at University of Canberra, School of Information Technology & Systems (ii)
  • Dr Bill Young LFAIPM CPPD, President, Asia Pacific Federation of Project Management (iii)

Evolution Meeting Room 106, Level 1

10:35AM - 11:15AM
Concurrent session 1B
Brainwise leadership: Inspiring accountability - skill sets required to inspire a diverse range of project stakeholders.

We will expose project leaders to the science of high performance. Attendees will learn how self-discipline and personal accountability is based in our brain, and gain insights about how the mindset and environment have a profound impact on achievement. Further, they will learn the value of implementing brain-based methods for cultivating high levels of self-discipline and team accountability for transformation, how to recognise the signs and learn techniques for mitigation underperformance, and how to cultivate an environment that inspires an achievement mindset and promotes personal accountability.

  • Dr Connie Henson, Founder and Managing Director, Learning Quest

11:20AM - 12:00PM
Concurrent session 2B
Project management for a brighter future In Africa - A women's STEM expedition to Malawi.

We will share with you how the STEM Build Malawi project overcame challenges and demonstrated a number of key takeaways relevant to the future of projects – a global team using technology to undertake 90% of the work prior to meeting, engagement in purposeful and fulfilling projects, upskilling stakeholders in critical skills and technology and the empowerment of women.

  • Zarina Paurobally, Project Manager, Jacobs

Digitisation Meeting Room 110, Level 1

10:35AM - 11:15AM
Concurrent session 1C
From start up to scale up: Behind the scenes of riding the rollercoaster of scaling a global technology company.

In this session, Georgie Drury shares her founder journey in scaling Springday. She will share her lessons learnt, mistakes made, celebrating the wins, learning from others and how failing to plan is planning to fail. Of particular note will be how the skill set planning as part of project management is critical to success.

11:20AM - 12:00PM
Concurrent session 2C

  • To be confirmed

12:00PM - 1:00PM
Lunch, Level 1

1:05PM - 1:45PM
Keynote 2 Plenary 1, Ground Floor
From old ways of working to new ways of leading.

What today’s enterprise agile transformations can teach us about the skills needed to lead projects over the next decade

In just a matter of months, we will be dawning on the 2020s. 20 years ago, project management was more defined as process and software than as a profession. The vast majority of PMs were accidental. It was exclusively more recognised and accepted as a role in construction, with green shoots in IT.

Project managers were exposed to range of leadership styles, from ‘command-and-control’ to ‘empower-and-track’, but often expected to operate more as administrators than leaders themselves. Today, these things are seen by some companies as ‘old ways of working’. Disruption from start-ups, both domestically and internationally, online businesses taking market share, changing consumer preferences, the emerging influence of Millennials and Generation Z, and the explosion of the gig economy has forced many companies to re-think their business models and what a leader of tomorrow will need to be successful. Project Managers are not immune.

Many high-tech companies are embracing New Ways of Working as they recognise survival requires their teams to work with greater agility, adaptability and resilience. However, with New Ways of Working comes New Ways of Leading and this impacts on the traditional way of leading for a project manager.

The next decade will see a new generation of People Leaders and Project Managers who embrace New Ways of Leading. Those that do so most effectively will be the winners in a global war for talent, and will be key contributors to their organisations growth.

Strategy to Execution Meeting Room 105, Level 1

1:50PM - 2:30PM
Concurrent session 3A
Case study: Agile delivery and governance in financial industry (Cuscal) greater return on IT investment.

This session will focus on several key topics relating to Agile, including: Barriers to Adopting Agile within a Financial Institution, Problems Financial Firms Encounter with Waterfall Development, and The Key: Transition at a Workable Pace in a Governance Environment.
The presentation will examine the trend towards Agile adoption by other business sectors has been driven by the need to deliver high value, create software that actually meets end user goals, and to reduce risk when business applications are developed.

  • Mansoor Mohammed, Head of P3M practice, Fastlane Solutions
  • Den Burykin, Managing Partner, Fastlane Solutions

2:35PM - 3:15PM
Concurrent session 4A
A personal story of overcoming adversity.

We will be hearing from Darryl’s personal experience after suffering and recovering from a tragic accident and what lessons he learned. From understanding how your mindset may result in unnecessary risk-taking when you become too confident, to appreciating that you can see difficulty and obstacles very differently to others when in a stressful situation, this funny and at times moving session will teach you about how your mind can have a high impact on your environment and benefiting from setting realistic but challenging goals.

Evolution Meeting Room 106, Level 1

1:50PM - 2:30PM
Concurrent session 3B
Preparing for the future of project management.

We will introduce a 5-step model for helping organisations and their people identify their values, make effective decisions and help people embrace change. There is a clear opportunity for program executives and managers to take a leading role in shaping community outcomes in the context of megatrends such as society and culture, business and economic, political, digitisation, big data and Artificial Intelligence, visualisation and environmental sustainability, present great opportunities and risks for humanity. The consequences of these trends are highly uncertain, yet program executives and managers are required to make effective decisions and enable change in this increasingly complex environment, so how can we become more effective at risk-based decision making and helping people embrace change?

  • Laurie Bowman, Principal, Synchrony

2:35PM - 3:15PM
Concurrent session 4B

  • Session to be confirmed

Digitisation Meeting Room 110, Level 1

Concurrent session 3C

  • To be confirmed

Concurrent session 4C

3:15PM - 3:45PM
Afternoon tea, Level 1

3:50PM - 4:40PM
Keynote 3 Plenary 1, Ground Floor
Revolution or evolution - finding the middle ground.

Project leaders need to balance many factors when determining the right methodology for a project. There is no doubt that all methodologies have their pros and cons for specific contexts. Arguably, even the phase of the project is a factor in deciding which methodology a team should use, and there’s rarely a project or organisation that uses only one framework these days.

Our panellists will share their experiences on what they believe has shaped their decision making processes to achieve the strongest strategic outcomes. Weigh in on the discussion for reaching a hybrid middle ground that will capably address the future needs of the project management world.

4:40PM - 5:45PM
Keynote 4 Plenary 1, Ground Floor
Train your brain to think like a visionary.

Todd Sampson is the writer, host and human guinea pig of the award-winning Discovery Science Series called REDESIGN MY BRAIN. The premise of the series was simple. For over 70 years, science has told us that our brains are fixed. You are born with the brain you have, it develops rapidly until age 7 and then it starts a steady decline from age 30 until you die. There was nothing you could do about it. But science has now proven that to be false. In fact, modern science has now shown that our brain is plastic and that we ALL have the ability to improve it at any age and at any time.

This presentation will show you how to boost your Creativity and Brain Power. Todd will not only take you behind the scenes of this extraordinary scientific journey, he will also provide you with the practical tools, strategies and techniques to improve your brain. We are all capable of more than we realise ... and modern science is showing us how.

  • Todd Sampson, , Adventurer, television presenter and businessman

5:45PM - 6:45PM
Happy Hour

Location: Exhibition Area

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Day 3 - Tuesday 22 October, 2019

Registration opens, Level 1

8:30AM - 8:50AM
Conference Welcome Plenary 1, Ground Floor

8:30AM - 8:35AM
Welcome Address

  • Elizabeth Foley MAIPM, Chief Executive Officer, AIPM

8:35AM - 8:50AM
Global outlook on project management.

8:50AM - 9:30AM
Keynote 5 Plenary 1, Ground Floor

9:30AM - 10:20AM
Keynote 6 Plenary 1, Ground Floor
Tales from the playing field.

Traditionally in the project management profession, as like other technically-based professions, the achievements of successful projects and their leaders is often celebrated.

However rarely have they shared their learnings when projects go astray.
While most organisations undertake feedback sessions, this is primarily done internally with immediate stakeholders only. A mark of a true professional is to learn from mistakes and, where constructive, share these insights to the advantage of future projects.

Our panellists will reveal their own experiences from the project playing field, sharing what went wrong, what they learnt and how this influenced their next project.
This session will be held under Chatham House Rule and closed to any media.

  • Laurice Temple, Managing Director, Ripple Affect Institute
  • Si Phan, One Customer View Transformation Lead, ANZ
  • Third panellist to be confirmed

10:20AM - 10:50AM
Morning tea, Level 1

Strategy and Execution Meeting Room 105, Level 1

10:55AM - 11:35AM
Concurrent session 5A
Cross-industry insights on the challenges facing the project profession in our dynamic world

Over the past year, a group of project / portfolio professionals comprising of executives, directors, general managers and “heads of” from a range of industries and sectors have met to discuss the trends and challenges facing the project profession. In this concurrent session, we will present insights from the discussions that took place, addressing how organisations respond to a dynamic world, the maturity and culture to drive project performance, and what we can do as project professionals.

  • Jun Wong MAIPM CPPE, EPMO Manager, Transurban and APFPM C-Suite roundtable member.

11:40AM - 12:20PM
Concurrent session 6A
Enterprise agility is the need of the day! Is Long term / annual planning process dead?

We will provide an overview of the Enterprise-wide approach followed in Medibank for strategic initiatives prioritization, Enterprise Do-ability, quarterly review of strategic initiatives and their re-alignment. It will share lessons learnt in resolving organisational challenges that the core team had to resolve while rolling out new ways of working, which have helped Medibank to successfully navigate changing market needs while keeping aligned to both short term objectives and long-term strategy.

  • Natarajan (Nat) Thangaraju, Head of Priority Projects Office (ePMO), Medibank Australia

Evolution Meeting Room 106, Level 1

10:55AM - 11:35AM
Concurrent session 5B

  • Session to be confirmed

11:40AM - 12:20PM
Concurrent session 6B
Disruption: Leadership in project management in a changing future.

The learning outcomes you can expect by attending the presentation include the following: appreciation of the modern changing business environment, critical thought for managers and leaders on how change will emerge, and new tools and direction for managing change for project managers.
Modern research indicates that the factors influencing organisational change are inter-related, where a number of these factors can be linked to Leadership and Management. The modern world is now characterised by Disruption that has emerged with globalisation, social media, internet and data connectivity. This emerging Disruption will likely increase the speed, uncertainty and risks associated with change like never before, where managers and leaders of the future will likely need to alter organizational practices and controls in order to survive.

  • Dr Mathew Donald, Charles Sturt University

Digitisation Meeting Room 110, Level 1

10:55AM - 11:35AM
Concurrent session 5C
Hack your heart away: How to give teams a lifeline post-automation.

We will be energetic and thought-provoking, peppering the presentation with metaphors and deeper questions to encourage creativity in the face of challenge. Delegates will leave the presentation with practical tools and tips to keep the beating heart of their next automation project strong. A key idea that will be discussed is to empower impacted employees to start co-designing the roles of the future through a “Job Hackathon”.

  • Lata Hamilton, Accredited Change Manager, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Career Change Coach

11:40AM - 12:20PM
Concurrent session 6C

  • To be confirmed

12:20PM - 1:20PM
Lunch, Level 1

Strategy and Execution Meeting Room 105, Level 1

1:25PM - 2:05PM
Concurrent session 7A
Drinking the tears of my haters: Leverage opposing force when leading projects.

We will encourage you to be deliberate in your choices when dealing with conflicts, both task and personal. This session will consider the difference between healthy scepticism and resisting change, then delivers strategies on leading through lethargy, understanding the advantages and disadvantages of trying to convert Haters, and dealing with active and passive resistance. Finally, it will demonstrate how to start seeing resistance as a way to use opposing forces to spur yourself – and your stakeholders – toward success.

  • Dr Nathalie Collins, Academic Director (National Programs), ECU
  • Richard Hughes, Lecturer, ECU
  • Jeff Volkheimer, Director at Duke University Health System’s Information Technology provider, DHTS (USA)

2:10PM - 2:50PM
Concurrent session 8A
PMO X.0 - The key to closing the digital strategy-execution gap.

We will demonstrate how several organisations across various industries have successfully invested in PMO X.0 skills and capabilities. PMO X.0, the next generation of PMO, is a set of dynamic capabilities that will seamlessly support the execution of organisational strategic plans, from portfolios of incremental change initiatives, to major technology projects and enterprise-wide digital transformations.

  • Mike Kaye, Managing Director, The Project Path Pty Ltd

Evolution Meeting Room 106, Level 1

1:25PM - 2:05PM
Concurrent session 7B
Project tricksters and frauds, why benefits realisation practices matter.

We will focus on the application of contemporary benefits realisation practices to shape and structure investments. While each of us engages with benefits in some form, many initiatives and organisations still struggle to realise investment expectations. Moving beyond simply managing benefits, new practices have (r)evolved and are repositioning the relationship of benefits with project practices, which may just help avoid you being caught in the next program or project investment scandal.

  • Shane Perkins, Portfolio and Programs Benefits Realisation Specialist, BenefitoMax

2:10PM - 2:50PM
Concurrent session 8B - Industry short talks.

  • Session to be confirmed

Digitisation Meeting Room 110, Level 1

1:25PM - 2:05PM
Concurrent session 7C
The Digital Age is changing the way we manage projects - are you ready for it?

We will explore the impact of digital technologies and data on project management for major infrastructure projects. It will discuss the types of information that are becoming available to project managers, how project managers must adapt to use that information to enable the success of projects, and describe behaviours and approaches to better leverage digital technology.

  • Terence Blythman MAIPM CPPD, Technical Director - Project Management, GHD
  • Michael West MAIPM CPPM, Senior Project Manager, Digital Solutions Lead, GHD Digital

2:10PM - 2:50PM
Concurrent session 8C

  • To be confirmed

2:50PM - 3:20PM
Afternoon tea, Level 1

3:25PM - 4:10PM
Keynote 7 Plenary 1, Ground Floor
The transport (r)evolution: How Transurban is transforming itself into a tech company.

Transurban has been planning, building and operating toll roads for 20 years. As the world shifts to digital, technology is fundamentally changing the way Transurban approaches traditional civil construction and infrastructure projects. As a company that sits at the nexus of engineering and technology, leveraging the best that the tech world has to offer to better engage with customers and the community in delivering tolling services, and creating flexible workplace tools and practices meant a decisive strategic shift in the way Transurban did business.

To bring this to life, they have changed the way they work: from the way they deliver projects, re-thinking technology platforms to ensure scale, and creating a collaborative delivery culture across the technology and the civil construction project teams. In her keynote, Lisa will share her experience in helping to lead this transformation.

  • Lisa Tobin, Group Executive - Technology, Transurban

4:10PM - 5:10PM
Keynote 8 Plenary 1, Ground Floor
Mental wellness and resilience in the modern world.

Allan Sparkes CV,OAM,VA,FRSN, one of Australia's most highly decorated citizens and a leader in the shift toward the inclusion of lived experience in the area of mental wellness, will be the closing keynote speaker of the 2019 National Conference.

Allan is one of only five Australian heroes in the past 44 years to be awarded Australia's highest bravery decoration and civil award, the Cross of Valour. A compelling storyteller, Allan will take you into a world of adrenaline, fear, achievement and redemption - certainly themes not dissimilar to the everyday worlds of project managers!

5:10PM - 5:15PM
Conference Close

7:00PM - 11:00PM
National Project Management Achievement Awards Dinner

Location: Crown Palladium, Level 1 Crown Towers, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank VIC 3006

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Day 4 - Wednesday 23 October, 2019

9:15AM - 11:30AM
Post Conference Site Tour 1 (Optional)
Innovation showcase: Centre for Advanced Studies in Air Traffic Management (CASIA)

The Centre for Advanced Studies In Air Traffic Management (CASIA) is the innovation showcase for Thales Australia Air Traffic Management (ATM). It displays products developed by Thales ATM and is the innovation hub for future products and capabilities. During the tour, you will learn a little about Thales ATM Division, be given a demonstration of Air Traffic Control as it is done today along with a sneak peek into what the future may bring, including where Augmented Reality might change the way Air Traffic Control is done.

Location: The Thales Australia Centre, World Trade Centre Atrium Level, 18-38 Siddeley Street, Melbourne

9:15AM - 11:30AM
Post Conference Site Tour 2 (Optional)
Docklands - one of Australia's largest urban renewal projects

Docklands was once Melbourne’s largest and busiest port but by the late 1980s it had become a derelict industrial wasteland. As Melbourne’s population grew and inner-city living became more popular, the Victorian Government saw an opportunity to extend the western edge of Melbourne’s CBD and reconnect the city to its historical waterfront.
Development Victoria is responsible for the development of Melbourne’s Docklands, at 190 hectares, including seven kilometres of waterfront, it is one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects under construction.
Construction in Docklands started in 1997, is almost two-thirds complete having attracted more than $14.6 billion in private investment to date, and is now home to a thriving community of residents, workers and visitors.
Development Victoria’s General Manager for Precinct Urban Renewal, Simon Wilson, will provide an overview presentation of Docklands at the award-winning Library at the Dock, with time for Q&A, followed by a tour of the Docklands and some of its key projects.

Location: Library at the Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands