About the AIPM National Conference

The Australian Institute of Project Management National Conference is the premier event for project management professionals across Australasia. In its 41st year, the annual conference is the platform for project leaders, both established and up-and-coming, to gain knowledge and share experiences on topics that are driving the leadership of projects today and in the future.


We are living in exciting times. Project management skills and expertise are in demand globally, and earning potential remains strong. Accelerated change in technological advances mean that organisations are in permanent pursuit of innovation such that project leaders are increasingly recognised as a core component of facilitating change, adding value and delivering strategic outcomes.

Project management is rapidly growing in Australia and is radically transforming the way we do business across all industries. It is no longer just a job title but fast becoming an essential skill in all professions. At the forefront of corporate change, growth and innovation, the industry contributes close to 30% of Australia’s GDP.

A (r)evolution is coming – and we are driving it. Project management is in a significant period of transition. Projects change the world, and project management professionals are the change agents. There’s never been a better time to be a project leader.

Join us as we uncover the latest industry insights to help you stay ahead of the game.

Who we are

Our industry

The project management industry continues to show strong growth both globally and locally, as evidenced by the number of new projects across industry and the increased demand for project skills in a cross-section of professions. Organisations are lifting the bar on delivering projects on time and on budget, particularly in competitive and fast-moving markets where achievement needs to happen more efficiently and successfully. This has elevated the role of project managers and increased their influence in strategy setting, the formation of teams and the execution of organisational growth.

Our influence

This boom in projects correlates with senior management committing their best decision makers to project leadership and the Australian Institute of Project Management drives the professional development of these project leaders within its member base. It does this not only through training and accreditation, but also through industry-wide events and awards to celebrate project excellence.

Our mission

Organisations across all industries are undergoing major transformational journeys to meet the contexts of disrupted markets. Our mission is to equip professionals with the resources to maximise their project management performance, execute projects that successfully deliver to strategic objectives, and accomplish their career ambitions in project leadership.